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Tissa Fontaneda, born in Germany, launched her line in 2005. Characterized by impeccable quality, artisan craftsmanship,and attention to detail, the tissa fontaneda collection consists of handbags, necklaces, belts, and cuffs. Tissa Fontaneda handbags and accessories are handcrafted in Spain by the best Spanish artisans using the finest materials, specifically the soft spanish nappa. the "bubble" effect is the signature of all tissa fontaneda products. it is achieved through a very particular technique of steaming and contraction. the "Bubble" effect is the outcome of a complex artisanal process that can take up to 10 hours. Classic and timeless, the unique Tissa Fontaneda handbag or accesory is one you will fall in love with  over and over again. 

SS22 Collection

SS21 Collection

Tissa Fontaneda's Commitment to Sustainability

Tissa Fontaneda is committed to creating a diverse and democratic workplace where the basic principles of ethical and professional conduct and respect for internationally recognized human rights are fundamental. Tissa Fontaneda is part of the slow fashion movement, dedicated to challenging the culture of excessive consumption within the fashion industry, and encouraging designer, retailers, and consumers to take a more ethical approach to fashion. Tissa Fontaneda complies with these principles of the slow fashion movement in a variety of different ways, including the removal of single-use plastic. Tissa Fontaneda products are never burned or destroyed and excess leather is used in the production of other items, including purses, key-chains and wallets. Tissa Fontaneda is always trying to find new ways to become more socially and environmentally responsible


Celebrities wearing Tissa

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menemsha handbag
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sofia palazuelo &
valentina suarez
joy handbag
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menemsha handbag
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homeland season 8 finale
claire danes as carrie mathison
tango handbag
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