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Mariana Méndez

Coming Fall/Winter '24

From the beginning, Mariana Méndez embarked on her creative journey by crafting pieces that seamlessly traverse the realms of Design, Art, and Fashion. Her predominantly one-of-a-kind creations serve as both fashion accessories, adorning the women who select them. the inception of her research and creative endeavors commences with three-dimensional, functional objects. It is within this realm that she integrates the diverse artistic and artisan techniques she has diligently studied for over 22 years. At the age of 23, Mariana initiated her creative journey in Milan, crafting her inaugural collection of objects that explored the realms of color and artisanal weaving. As she progressed from one collection to the next, Mariana acquired the skill of crafting rounded forms from initially flat fabrics produced on looms of her own design. Later, she introduced lambskin into her work to convey the volumes she had crafted through her own paper constructions. This technique enabled the creation of pieces that intriguingly connect The Bag with the realm of clothing. She has been called on by different fashion or design houses throughout her artistic career to work as a creative or art director, the most emblematic ones: Yohji Yamamoto - Y's, and Mandarina Duck.

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Mariana Méndez's creations are crafted by highly skilled artisans, undergoing a series of distinct stages, all meticulously executed. Each piece is woven individually with exceptional attention to detail, as CRAFTSMAN skillfully tailor the type of loom to suit the specific product's needs. utilizing three-dimensional molds or the brand's unique cubic loom for weaving. The colors utilized are meticulously formulated within their own laboratory. Taking the raw materials and imbuing them with the desired color nuances, aligning them precisely with the design and aesthetic aimed to convey. By harnessing the inherent elasticity of our fibers and experimenting with various densities, to mold the fabric without the need for cutting the framework. This process results in the creation of volumes and forms that maintain the seamless visual continuity of the threads. Generating the shapes in volume using the moulage technique, first building a paper sculpture and after defining the shape, to create patterns with which the leather will be cut. Then working the skin using the traditional clothing technique, which allows to generate pieces in leather with the appearance of clothing. Internally produce the individual prints by employing various techniques on the material, and blending resins with diverse pigment types. During this crucial phase, Marina Mendez meticulously explored new finishes, materials, and primarily pictorial techniques for each collection. These efforts contribute to endowing our pieces with fresh and distinctive appearances.

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